Peri-implant soft and hard tissue management in the aesthetic zone

Introduction The survival of the dental implants is now predictable in almost every case but, the success of the implant still is a challenge according to its subjective basis. The aesthetic result is a criterion which is later achieved. It is good to know that to achieve aesthetics in the front area with an implant restoration is significantly more demanding than with the conventional restorations. The... read more

Pre-prosthetic surgical interventions (correction of highly attached labial and lingual frenulum)

Successful mobile prosthetic rehabilitation in toothless patients is directly related to the presence of certain conditions, such as: sufficiently wide and high alveolar ridge, convenient correlation between the alveolar ridges, deep enough vestibular and lingual fornix etc. The absence of these conditions compromises the prosthetic rehabilitation, whereby it is necessary to perform pre-prosthetic... read more

Surgical correction of bone and soft alterations of the alveolar ridge, managing its atrophy and height reduction

Bone irregularities of the alveolar ridge and the jawbone can be acquired and congenital. Acquired irregularities can be result of: Individual and multiple teeth extractions performed in large time intervals, leading to uneven atrophy of the alveolar ridge; Not removed interdental or interradicular septum, after teeth extraction; Not made reposition of the walls of the alveolus, after tooth extraction; Fracture... read more

Locator attachments

Locator abutment overdentures: Better, Simpler and Stronger design with practical benefits Introduction It is almost impossible to imagine the advanced field on a dental industry that represents the implant systems which come as a restoration treatment of dental aesthetics and health. Most of the patients are not familiar with this procedure until they face this type of necessity for having optimal... read more

Applied Dental Software – The modern way of implant dentistry

Planning software versus guided surgery software Software and Tool manufacturers in guided implant dentistry Nobel Guide Straumann Gonyx Med 3d Benefits of implant planning software in combination with guided surgery 1. Planning Software versus guided surgery software Nowadays most of 3d imaging systems have build in software tools, such as also often implant planning software (Carestream, Newtom…). The... read more


What is a gingivectomy? Gingivectomy is a procedure that includes removing the diseased gingival tissue, mostly in the treatment of gum disease. In many cases root planing, scaling and antibiotics are not effective enough. In those cases, gingivectomy might be the right solution. If all of the non-surgical procedures haven’t helped the course of the gum disease, this surgical procedure is the next... read more


Attempts at coming up with a method to achieve successful dental implants have been around for a very long time. In fact, since the 1700s scientists and dentists have been hard at work trying to find a successful method of implanting a false tooth into a human jaw to replace a missing tooth. These include the earliest (unsuccessful) attempts of taking a dead person’s tooth and sticking it in the... read more


You may have struggled with gum disease, dental decay or an accident that resulted in loss of some or all your teeth. You researched your dental treatment options and with the help of your dentist you decided dental implants were the best choice for you. You invested a considerable amount of money, time, and effort in them. In this article, we are going to advise you on how to protect your dental implant... read more


Dental implants replace natural teeth for patients who have suffered tooth loss due to various causes (gum diseases, accidents). Normally, anyone who is healthy enough to go through tooth extraction and surgery is a good candidate for dental implants. However, people suffering from diabetes, cancer or heart diseases should be carefully evaluated before undergoing such a treatment. Also gum diseases... read more


The all on 4 dental implant is a modern technique used to restore a full arch of teeth, using four dental implants. The procedure is increasingly popular, as it is a perfect alternative to dentures most people avoid due to slipping struggles, maintenance requirements and food restrictions. ADVANTAGES OF THE ALL-ON-FOUR DENTAL IMPLANTS Due to the all-on-four technique, now dentists can replace all missing... read more