Camlog dental Implants -Made in Germany

Camlog Dental Implants

Locator Abutments

Camlog, as one of the leading dental implant systems in Germany, is also one of our standard implant systems. The practical and the high-end German quality makes this implant system one of our favorite implant systems.

Camlog has with its new system, the Conelog system a conical system, famous for its precision, which proved its quality in various clinical researches.

Camlog offers now, similar to the Nobel All on four system, the “Comefour” system, an option of screw retained fixed restoration based on only 4 implants.

Similar to Nobel Biocare, Camlog provides also angulated adapter abutments with angulations from 17-30 degress. The advantages of the Comfour system is the fast and inexpensive way of restoring implants with fixed restorations.

Camlog has also the new locator abutment, which allows a cantilever free denture support. Compared to the ball bearing attachment, the modern locator abutments are much more convenient and practical.

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